Client Questions

Can I afford to retire?

If I retire next year, what are my options?

When I die, is my wealth protected for my family?

How can I pay fewer taxes?

Am I on target to reach my goals?

It starts with a conversation, and the understanding that everyone has a different definition of “happily ever after”. Before Balanced Asset Management makes recommendations or invests one dime, we find out who you are. What is your interpretation of happily ever after? While your neighbor is happy with the latest, greatest, and hottest investment, it may not ultimately make you happy. You’re different and you have different goals. To make your “happily ever after” a reality, we have to get to know who you are. Equally important is that we stay in touch throughout your life.

Curve balls, crystal balls and the future. What can you count on?
Pearl Harbor. The assassination of President Kennedy.  September 11th. When historic events shake the world, they affect financial markets as well. Historically, markets respond  like people do. Fortunately, like most of us, they recover. But since financial markets are no more predictable than the events and times that shape them, what can you count on? Every advisor with Balanced Asset Management offers quarterly reviews with their clients. So we meet with you frequently to keep abreast of your changing life. Whether it’s to discuss good returns, economic downturns or your dreams and goals, we’re there to mind your financial future.

The name on the door.

Jeff Meissner began investment planning in 1985. When it came time to name the company, he did not name the firm after himself. There were two primary reasons for this. First, putting an investment philosophy on the front door seemed more important and informative than putting his name there.

And second, as the firm grew, he wanted to attract associates who shared the same investment philosophy. And so it grows as Balanced Asset Management.